Western Impressionist

Sam Thiewes

A number of years ago I said I would never paint western paintings. Famous last words! It all started when doing an art show at the Stockman’s Club during the Denver stock show. During the shows I had a chance to meet a number of real Cowgirls. I realized that there were not a lot of artist telling their stories. While getting involved doing paintings of cowgirls and their lives’ I found my self shooting a lot of photos of round ups and cattle drive etc.

Once again I realized I was only telling part of the story. I was ignoring the cowboy. So that brings me to my work today. Cowgirls, Cowboys, Cattle, Horses and ranch life. So let me tell a story to end this. A couple of years ago I was at a branding in southeastern Colorado. This branding had 4 generations of cowboys and cowgirl in ages from 2 and a half to eighty some thing. Ranch life and young people are staying on the ranches and continuing the life of the cowboy.

It is my hope that through my paintings I can document some of this history. I will always be thankful for my friends who have allowed me to share a little of their lives’.

Quiet Time